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KELEA SURF SPA From 1447€ for 6 nigths

South Pacific / Oceania > Hawaii > Hawaii / Big Island

Groups - Solo Travellers - Girls Only > B&B / Guesthouses, Surf Schools with Accommodation
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Head Points Combo

  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • Girls Only
  • Less than 10 mn walk from spots
  • Yoga
  • Horse Riding
  • Excursions
  • Languages : English

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Family Suite
  • Sea view
  • Dormitory
  • All Inclusive
  • Services Included : Spa & Wellness
  • Services non Included : Airport transfers

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : January / February / March / April / November / Decembre
  • Surf Lessons
  • Equipment provided
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic / Consistant
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


KELEA, the first ever all inclusive women's surf and yoga retreat was pioneered in 2000 by Elenice Senn and Stephanie Tufts.
Kelea Surf and Spa is located on HAleiwa in Oahu island, famous for its beautiful beaches and waves !

Services Included

  • Spa & Wellness

Services non Included

  • Airport transfers

Other Services

Airport transfer not included in rates.
Airport transfer from Honolulu International airport to Kelea is not included in the package price. If you would like to use our shuttle service for your airport transfer our driver will provide the service. Fees are to be paid directly to the driver.
Private shuttle 54€
Shared shuttle 33€ per person
Kelea airport transfers after 10:00PM - 73€ per person

Other Activities

  • Yoga
  • Horse Riding
  • Excursions


Our home is located only 7 miles from the charming historic town of Haleiwa and in the midst of the most well known surf breaks on the North Shore.
Just out the back there is a bike path that leads from Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay.
The house is decorated in a traditional island style fashion , private lanais, nice swimming beach steps from the living room.
Kelea offers Private or Shared accommodations depending on the package you choose. The rooms all have ocean views and come with hardwood floors and a ceiling fan. The bathrooms are private with hot showers and toiletries. We also include daily maid service.

Meal Plan

Kelea surf spa Hawaii has a gourmet, private chef come to our beach house every day to prepare fresh, delicious and healthy meals.
We use a variety of fresh ingredients and local fare.
Our organic mixed greens are grown in a nearby hillside and our fish is fresh caught when available. We cater to people with special dietary needs or allergies. Prepare to indulge in a variety of wonderful meals from the comfort of your own luxury beachfront home!

Sport Services

Whether you have never surfed before and always dreamed of learning or you just want to improve your skills, our surf instructors will help you reach your goals.


Wahine Package included :  Private Room for 6 nights (Sun-Sat departure 6 nights total) , 3 meals a day , All activities , One - 1 hour massage ,Surfing instruction and equipment  *Airport Transfer not included in the packages price

Ohana Package included :  Double Share Room for 6 nights
(Sun-Sat departure 6 nights total)
3 Gourmet meals a day All activities One - 1 hour massage Surfing instruction and equipment *Airport Transfer not included in the packages price

Best Period

Strong depressions crossing the Northern Pacific from October to Match, generating a regular swell on the Northern coast of Oahu with waves going from 3 to 10 meters.
The position of the archipelago, in the heart of the ocean and the deep marine bottoms, are the propitious elements for the swell to run into the North of the island.In summer (May to September), there is no wave in North and Oahu’s South coast takes the N/E swell on the spots of the bay from Honolulu to Waikiki, but also near Ala Moana (fantastic bowl) or Diamond Head volcano with waves from 0.50 to 2.50 meters.
Maui, even if it does not get the effects of those W/NW swells, sheltered by Molokai, is not ashamed though with its quality waves. Only the N/E swells are propitious. You can then see Honolua Bay in its whole display.

Thermal winds are regular all year long and blow from the East. On Maui’s North coast, the wind can strongly blow from S/SE, near Hookipa and provides dangerous offshore conditions for funboarders and very heavy tubes.Not much tide, but the coral bottom makes some days very dangerous. The water changes from 24° to 27°C. Wear a spandex and tons of sunscreen. Be careful to currents making the spots sometimes dangerous, swallowing you on the inside. In heavy days, beware of shorebreaks on your way out of the water. Your surfboard would not like it…


Haleiwa : This is where the most famous spots of the world begin…Ali'i Beach Park provides a consistent right ending up in a “bowl”. In heavy days, an outside reef called avalanche gives you a quick idea of what the place looks like…
Laniaeka : A right like in Malibu working in N/E swell.
Chun's Reef : Nice small wave, pleasant to surf for everyone.
Waimea Bay : Half way in North Shore road. A paradise for big waves and wipe out fans, like those who you were so scared of, sitting in your couch watching surfing videos…Can reach 5 to 8 meters during the beautiful days of January, February. A shore break that has taken a few lives away. Anyways, this is a wave for locals, pros and photographers.
Off the Wall : Called Kodak Reff…A beautiful right, crowded when the conditions are good. Perfect to watch closely the pros…Be careful to the 20 guys quickly coming to 30 meters when you will decide to go for it…
Backdoor : Neighbour of Off the Wall. Pipeline’s right section. Not easy to negotiate.
Pipeline : The most shot wave by pros and photographers. Made of a rare perfection some days. Do not take any waves unless you want to be crashed into the reef or by the cheerful locals loving the “outsiders” for breakfast…
Rocky Point : Less crowded. Many kids who know what they are doing. Nice and accessible peaks. Choose Pupukea and Gas Chambers, fun waves to challenge.
Sunset Beach : After Kammieland. A real Malibu of the islands! A massive, powerful, round long right…Ending up in a delicate bowl. Goes sometimes in left. Avoid break your leash.
Velzyland : A Northern left, a few miles away from Sunset. A very nice wage, hollow and fast. Watch out for aggressive locals.


200 day(s) / year

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 30°C (Summer) / 24°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 27°C (Summer) / 24°C (Winter)

Surf Story

Captain James Cook noticed in his second expedition in the Pacific, that indigenous people enjoyed waves and rode incredible skilled longboards shaped according to a ritual inside the trunk of a tree.By this confrontation with the Ocean, the best rider would get a high position within the community. This is how the story begins…"He e'nalu" (that can be translated by « wave sliding ») feeds the legends, crossing for centuries, the story of this Polynesian-Hawaiian society of which we find today the spirit at North Shore’s surfing contests, on the most solid waves of the globe.
No, you are not dreaming, you are in the surfing paradise.From Jaw the monster on Maui, to Pipeline the board eater, from Waikiki and its Americans with flowery shirts and big bellies, to very protectionists locals.Surf shops at every corner, an American life-style, but also a strong tradition and a gorgeous and preserved nature inside the lands…Hawaii, land of contrast, is carrying living standards but remains a mythical place every winter when the regular and huge lines unroll on its coasts.


The archipelago was populated starting the 5th century by Polynesians. However, the islands were discovered by the British explorer James Cook only in 1778.
He first named them Sandwich Islands in honour of its protector, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.
The archipelago then inhabited by about a million of Polynesians, was divided into four kingdoms but the King Kamehameha the 1st succeeded in conquer almost the whole archipelago in 1795.

In 1820, American Presbyterian missionaries settled in the islands. Hawaii’s independence was recognized by the United States in 1842 but France and Great Britain opposed. Then, the archipelago became the centre of attention of the huge confrontation between those 3 powerful nations during the 19th century.
At that time, the British colonists developed their sugar-can plantations and needed a lot of cheap work force.Between 1851 and 1896, the Hawaiian Board of Immigration called in 46 000 Chinese.
Then, Portuguese workers coming from Madeira and the Azores and Japanese and Korean workers joined the local population.Unknown diseases quickly decimated the Polynesian population.

In 1893, the Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani fell and the Republic of Hawaii is declared on July 4th, 1894 and then annexed to the US. English was right away proclaimed Hawaii’s official language. From that moment, it became illegal until 1987 to learn Hawaiian in the public schools of the island.

The development of economic infrastructures, naval and air ones and the use of the island as a military basis guaranteed Hawaii’s prosperity.Becoming the main axis of the American defence in the Pacific, Pearl Harbour’s naval basis was the target on December 7th, 1941, of the Japanese air forces engendering terrible losses for the American fleet.In 1959, by referendum, Hawaii reached the position as the 50th American State. Honolulu, located in Ohau Island, is the State capital.

Today, meeting place between the West and the East, Aloha State owns a blended culture, mixing hula and disco, TV shows and old cosmogony myths, hamburgers and Japanese tea ceremonies.
The traditions’ revival led to an increase of “halaus” (dancing schools) and many artists and craftsmen are back to the ancestral themes like beaten bark weaving (“tapa”), patchwork blankets and flower or multicoloured shell necklaces (“lei”)

If English is the leading language, it has borrowed many words and expressions from Hawaiian and Pidgin.Used to communicate between Hawaiians and the first immigrants, Pidgin is simplified English and still constitutes today a living slang.


Hawaii constitutes a Polynesian archipelago geographically part of the Pacific. Hawaii’s archipelago has 8 main islands lined up from Northwest to Southeast over 2 400 km : Ni’ihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and Hawaii.
The total area is 16 600 km², which would be like half Belgium.

There are all volcanic islands. Hawaii, the largest and Southern island of the archipelago has 5 volcanoes of which Mauna Kea, is the highest point (4 205 m) of the archipelago and Kilaurea the most active (eruptions in 1925, 1954 and 1960). Earthquakes and tsunamis go with the volcanic phenomenon.
The archipelago has a tropical climate, temperate by oceanic influences, Northeast “alizés” and great heights of the islands. In several cables’ lengths in the East, there is Maui, beautiful territory with green plains and crystalline lagoons.Haleakala volcano looks down at beaches like Black Rock, Ka’anapali in the West or Ho’okipaa in the East.
In the heart of the wild island, gigantic waterfalls mix their water to the Pacific ones, in the absolute luxury of Kula Forest Reserve.
The island is a paradise for athletic activities: scuba diving, kayak, excursions, horse back riding, and ecotourism tours, dandled by the cool and delicate atmosphere of the Hawaiian culture.


The biometric passport is necessary since November 2005. Every tourist must have a valid passport. No visa for stays of less than 3 months.
New conditions of entry in the US for intermediate landing passengers or in transit started since 2005Following a decision of the American State Department, French nationals have to hold an individual electronic passport since 2005 to be eligible to travel in the US.
Children (from 0 to 12) are also concerned by this new law and must have an electronic passport as well.This regulation was made to secure the borders and was enforced by the United States.

Hawaii’s national capital is Honolulu on Oahu.

English and Hawaiian

No specific vaccine. Provide yourself against mosquitoes and the sun. Quality hospitals and welfare centres.

- 12 hours in summer and - 11 hours in winter.

Tropical climate. Average temperatures change a little between winter and summer. The rainy season goes from December to March and the dry season from April to November.
Average temperatures: between 20° and 30°C.

You can rent cars, 4X4, motorcycles on every island. Easy driving and not much traffic.

The tap water is drinkable. 110 V. Bring an adaptor with US connections.
110/220 V / 60 Hz.Like in every state of the US, Hawaii has a different data conversion from the British version.
Distances are in inches (about 2.5 cm), in foot (0.30 cm) – it is useful to see what surfboard to take…or measure Jaws from the hill…in miles (about 1.6 km).Weights are in pounds.
The American version of the French pint is 0.47 l and gas (cheap) is in US gallon (3.79 l)

The US dollar.
1 Euro = 1.31 USD.Credit cards and travellers’ checks in USD.Exchange in banks and hotels.

Extra tips :

On Oahu, you can attend to:
- Merrie Monarch Festival (the largest hula contest in April)
- Lei Day (necklaces contest in May)
- King Kamehameha Day (national holiday with parades, in June)
- Aloha Week (parades, cultural demonstrations, canoe races and Hawaiian music concerts in September)
- Quicksilver/Eddie Aikau Memorial Big Wave Classic (surfing contest in December when waves reach more than 15 feet)

Maui, called the «Valley Island» because of its central valley that splits both inactive big volcanoes, is known for its beaches where you sometimes may encounter sea turtles.It is easy to go in the highlands or tropical forests, eucalyptus woods and farms on the East coast.
The tourist infrastructure is gathered in Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kihei. Haiku, Kula and Hanaattract less tourists.East Maui is dominated by the highest inactive volcano of the world, Haleakala (house of the sun) culminating at 3 000 meters.Hiking tracks allow you to cross moon-like landscapes from the bottom of the crater, whereas the summit gives you a gorgeous view point to see the sunrise.
With a mountainous land and a humid climate, the slope located leeward is covered with luxuriant vegetation.It can be passed around on going by the famous Hana Highway, making you go through the tropical jungle. High tropical forests, round hills, green prairies and gardens, wine-growing places spangle the island. You can also hike in Polipoli Spring State Recreation Areain Kula Forest Reserve.

Price from

1447€ for 6 nigths

Price includes

Ohana Package: 6 nights in a double room shared - 3 meals per day, all activities, a massage of 1 hour  , lessons and surf equipment.

Rates & Packages

Toute l'année
All year
WAHINE Package
Private room/Chambre privée
OHANA Package
Shared room/ Chambre partagée

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