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An Eco budget guesthouse with warm and nice welcome from Pacific islands.
Perfect starting point for a surf journey on Moorea with friends or family.

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LES TIPANIERS From 378€ for 7 nigths

South Pacific / Oceania > Polynesia > Moorea

Eco Budget > B&B / Guesthouses, Eco friendly & Sustainable Resorts
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Head Points Combo

  • Eco Budget
  • More than 10 mn walk from spots
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions
  • Languages : French / English

Head Points Accommodation

  • Bungalow
  • Breakfast
  • Half Board
  • Kitchen
  • Services Included : Wifi / Parking
  • Services non Included : Airport transfers / Laundry

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : All year
  • Waves Levels : Classic / Consistant
  • Ability Level : Advanced / Confirmed


Hotel Les Tipaniers is located on the northwest coast of Moorea, in a pleasant setting.
A small pension with a friendly and warm, ideal starting point for surfing the island of Moorea reduced with friends or family budget.

  Pension is located 25 kilometers from the airport and 30 kilometers from the dock Vaiare, arrival of boats.
- 2 fast catamarans and a ferry service operates between Tahiti and Moorea.

A public bus arrival catamarans liaison to the main as well as to Tipaniers Iti or you can use taxis or rent a car hotel.

Services Included

Tipaniers is an eco budget accommodation, not a luxury island !
Services are reduced but the attention of owners is omnipresent.
The purpose of your stay is to be close to the people and enjoy the home "like home"

Services Included

  • Wifi
  • Parking

Services non Included

  • Airport transfers
  • Laundry

Other Services

Bike rental Fee


The island has others activities

Free activities:
Canoes rowing, Volleyball, Table tennis, boules.

Paying activities:
Scooter or Car
Island Tour by 4x4 or local bus or Quad

Walks and sunset cruises by catamaran or sailing canoe
Shuttle islands, bays boat tour, discovery of rays and sharks
Guided jet ski tour, horseback riding
Tamaraa and Tahitian dances auTiki town

Kayaks, snorkeling equipment, paddle boarding, deep sea fishing
Diving (contact us)
Hiking and Trek (contact us)

Other Activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions


French is spoken everywhere. English is also fairly well understood in tourist areas.


Without kitchen near the beach with ceiling fan, telephone, safe , refrigerator , free wifi access
1 room with 1 double bed and 1 or 2 twin beds or 1
4 beds 1
Bathroom (hot shower) + terrace

Located in the garden (max 100m from the beach ) spacious , 2 to 6 people.
1 separate bedroom with 1 double bed 1 place and 1 in the living room : 2 beds 1 place ( drawer can accommodate 2 additional people)
Equipped with a fridge + cooking + dishwasher basic kitchen.
Separate bathroom with shower chaude.terrasse .
Ceiling fan, telephone, safe
Free wifi

1 bedroom with double bed and 2 beds 1 place in the lounge.
Curtain separating bedroom / living room .
Kitchen (fridge + cooking plates and tableware of base)
Ensuite bathroom to bedroom (shower toilet sink )
Terrace with ceiling fan, telephone, safe
Free wifi

Located in a small building storey garden side about 100 meters from the beach behind the hotel reception .
1 bedroom with 1 double bed or 2 beds 1 place + bathroom ( shower solar heated ) terrace .

1km from the village of Papetoai, at the entrance to the Bay Opunohu accessible by boat ..
A pontoon allows swimming and sunbathing , the bungalows have sea view
Safe , kitchen (fridge + cooking + dishwasher base ) , ceiling paddle fan ,
Free wifi .
Free canoe on site.
Free access to the main hotel for the 4 km beach , restaurants, bars and activities.
Transfer free night at 18:45 on booking to come dine at the hotel.
Back after dinner .
Discount for stay

Meal Plan

With breathtaking views over the lagoon , it is in an idyllic setting you can enjoy local specialties such as Tahitian raw fish , sashimi or tuna tartare and a variety of salads, grilled meats and pasta fish and fans of another kind : burgers and club sandwiches .
The beach restaurant is open from 6am to 9am 30 30 service breakfast a la carte or buffet and 12 h to 14 h 15 for lunch.

The bar is open on the beach all day and afternoon snack : ice cream, sandwiches , desserts up to 19hours .
Every Friday : live music "live" with Remi and Yvon guitar and ukulele from 17:45 to 18.45.

Open for dinner from 18h30 to 21h 15 daily and offers a wide selection of local specialties, French and Italian .
Among the most popular : the famous mahi mahi with vanilla sauce , fillet of lamb with warm goat cheese or delicious vegetable soup .
The cuisine is famous and very reasonable prices.
Saturdays : live music with Ron : country, blues , international varieties


250 day(s) / year

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 22°C (Summer) / 32°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 25°C (Summer) / 27°C (Winter)

Surf Story

You had several choice :
Your honey moon, your computer screenshot , and the pictures seen on TV during long winter evenings :
…And then you decide.
The surf trip you have always waited for will be in Polynesia ! Everything matches : powerful waves on the reef, the smell of the vahines’ tiaré (Polynesian flower), languishing islands from where you never want to go back.
The lapping of the pirogue taking you to the pass of Papara or to Teahupoo, then later a surf session on Haapiti’s left to Moorea or again a great score on Fitii’s rights on Huahine Island.Society Islands still remain the first place to go for a surf trip in the Pacific…


Polynesia’s islands were inhabited by ancestors of the actual autochthons from 200 before our era, maybe even before that.
The first European visitors were in the 16th century, Portuguese-Spanish whose discoveries did not lead anywhere.
In the 18th century, important discoveries increased.
In June 1767, the ship of the British navigator Captain Wallis took over the island under the name of the British King.
The following year, the French navigator Louis-Antoine de Bougainville asserted the island under the name of the French King and named it “Nouvelle Cythère” and brought a Tahitian back to France, which caused the legend of the “noble savage” from Rousseau and make all the fantasies become true about those distant islands of the Southern Pacific.

Then, from 1769 to 1777, Captain James Cook visited three times Tahiti and Leeward Islands, Austral Islands and Marquesas Islands. It is in 1769 that James Cook took over the group of islands and named it Society Islands.Laton on, Polynesia witnessed the conflicts between France and England while Tahiti had became an important port in the Pacific.

At that time, Hapai, the Polynesian chief claimed its supremacy on the archipelagos and created with its British allies, Pomare dynasty (1762-1880) which was the only one to reign in Tahiti. Since the wedding of the British banker Alexander Salmon with Princess Ariitaimai in January 1842, mixed weddings became numerous.
During the second half of the 19th century, « Demis » became great landlords and were hired in the Administration.
At the end of World War II, minds changed with the Polynesian soldiers coming back and the political wake up of the Tahitians. They began to think about their autonomy, considered before as hardened.

A new era of decolonization began, with new institutional status for Polynesia. Under the Cadre’s law of 1957, the archipelagos of the “Etablissements français d’Océanie” took the name of French Polynesia.After going through the Western culture for a long time, the Polynesians discover again their heritage and emphasize it. Craftsmen, dance, archaeology, tattooing are the most famous demonstrations.


French Polynesia is located 6 000 km West of Chile, 5 200 km East of Australia, 6 200 km Southwest of California’s coasts and 16 000 km of Paris.

Huge, much crumbled, it constitutes 118 islands born from volcanic eruptions, only 6 of themthat go beyond 100 km.
They are gathered in five archipelagos :
Society Islands, where there is the national capital Papeete, and Bora Bora and Moorea.
Austral Islands, with five highlands (similar to mountains resting upon the surface of the ocean, with a coral reef belt coming from the central lagoon).
Tuamotu Islands, composed of 77 atolls expanding more than 1 500 km and reveal fabulous waves to discover in a surfing cruise.
Gambier Islands, situated 1 600 km from Tahiti and Marquesas Islands made off fifteen highlands and dark rocked islets or so, not too far from the equator.


The capital is Papeete. Every tourist must have a valid passport. French nationals can stay 3 months without a visa. The regulation is exactly the same than the current regulation put into effect to enter France.
Following a decision of the American State Department, French nationals will have to hold an individual electronic passport since May 26th, 2005 to be eligible to travel in the US.
Children (from 0 to 12) are also concerned by this new law and must have an electronic passport as well.This regulation was made to secure the borders and was enforced by the United States.The biometric passport will be necessary on and after November 2005.All passengers fling from Paris to Papeete on Air France & Air Tahiti Nui flights via Los Angeles will have to fill up the ESTA document (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) on https.esta.cbp.dhs.gov  - Website : www.office-tourisme-usa.com. At least 72 hours before departure. Adults & children are concerned. Passengers will have to show this ESTA document before boarding. ESTA will expire within 2 years or when passeport expires.

French, Tahitian, Marquesan.

Be careful to coral cuts, very long to heal and quite painful, to black flies (« nono ») from Marquesas Islands and to jelly fishes.In the lagoon, beware of the stone fishes, rays and sea-urchins.It has been also indexed in many archipelagos of the Pacific ciguatera access, a kind of food poisoning caused by eating marine species whose flesh is contaminated.No worries though, Polynesian healthcare is very good.

- 11 hours in winter and – 12 hours in summer.Marquesas Islands are half an hour ahead of the rest of French Polynesia.

Tropical with two distinct seasons: during the rainy season (austral season) from November to April, temperature can reach 30° C; the air is stuffy and moist.The dry season (austral winter) from May to October is perfect for tourism; rains are not usual, the air is dry and cooler (26°C on average).
French Polynesia gets “alizés”.
The “toerau” (Northwest wind) blow occasionally during the rainy season. In the highlands, the “hupe”, a morning breeze, comes and reduces the suffocating atmosphere of the plain. French Polynesia also went through during the 20th century, several devastating cyclones.

The coastal roads hug a large part of the shore of the main islands of Society. In Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, roads are in good conditions.In Raiatea and Huahine, the coast roads are half covered with a « coral soup » (crushed coral) but they are fine.In the inside lands, you will only find bumpy roads and will need a 4X4. Trucks are the local main transportation, complete and friendly.

220 V to 60 MHz

CURRENCY : CFP Franc (XFP)1 euro = 118,21CFP. Banks deduct a commission (about 3.50 euros) on exchange operations, except for transactions in French Francs, no commission is taken away.ATM machines are numerous in Papeete, rarer in the other islands. Every tourist island has one or several bank agencies.

Price from

378€ for 7 nigths

Price includes

Price per person - 7 Nights Garden Bungalow -Triple Occupancy

Rates & Packages

Type de Tarif Type de Chambre Prix/Pers
Single Bungalow Standard 142€
Double Bungalow Standard 71€
Triple Bungalow Standard 54€
Single Bungalow Jardin avec Cuisine 146€
Double Bungalow Jardin avec Cuisine 73€
Triple Bungalow Jardin avec Cuisine 54€
Single Bungalow Vanille 157€
Double Bungalow Vanille 78€
Triple Bungalow Vanille 52€
Single Bungalow Plage avec Cuisine 165€
Double Bungalow Plage avec Cuisine 82€
triple Bungalow Plage avec Cuisine 60€

Tarifs valables jusqu'au 31 Décembre 2014

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