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Central America ‐ Costa Rica ‐ North Nicoya / Tamarindo

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An Eco Budget Surfcamp

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LA OVEJA NEGRA From 397€ for 7 nigths

Central America > Costa Rica > North Nicoya / Tamarindo

On the Spot - Eco Budget - Groups - Solo Travellers > Surfcamps, B&B / Guesthouses, Surf Schools with Accommodation
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Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Eco Budget
  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • Lively area
  • Downtown
  • Yoga
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions
  • Languages : French / English / Spanish / German / Italian / Portuguese

Head Points Accommodation

  • Services Included : TV / Video / Games Room / Swimming Pool

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : January / February / March / April / May / October / November / Decembre
  • Surf Lessons
  • Day Guiding
  • Equipment provided
  • Surf / SUP / Kite Pack
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic / Consistant
  • Spots Type : PointBreak / Rock / Sand
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


Located in the center of town, La Oveja Negra allows you to make the most of Tamarindo, Costa Rica´s number 1 surf destination. Offering different waves to suit all surfing abilities.

Services Included

  • TV / Video / Games Room
  • Swimming Pool


Local Activities : We can help you plan and make reservations for all your activities both in Tamarindo and in any other place in Costa Rica you would like to visit.

Tamarindo offers a wide variety of activities that include:
-Sport fishing
-Relax on some of Costa Rica's most Beautiful beaches
-Canopy/Zipline tours
-Scuba Diving
-Yoga /Pilates
-Boat cruise of a National Park( See crocodiles, exotic birds and monkeys)
-Horseback riding tours
-Sunset Catamaran and Snorkeling Tours
-ATV Tours
-Mountain bike tours
-Leatherback Sea Turtles (Watch the world's largest reptile lay her eggs)

Other Activities

  • Yoga
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions


Le Oveja Negra Hostel : Enjoy relaxing in our common area with amenities like ping pong, pool, board games or just lazying about in front of our huge satellite TV while meeting people from all around the world.

Sport Services

Surf School / Learning to surf :
Tamarindo Beach is Costa Rica’s best “learn to surf” beach. It consistently delivers ideal surf conditions for beginner surfers. This location combined with our expert instruction and high quality surfing equipment provide the ultimate surf experience.
La Oveja Negra Surf Camp has a range of different surf packages to suit you! Whether you’re after a special experience, a holiday with a difference, a trip out of the office, or purely just wanna learn to surf, our Surf Camp have it all! We offer you the best deals in town with the most qualified surf instructors
We guarantee small classes (max. 4 students per instructor) to ensure the most hands-on learning experience.

Guided Tours / Advanced Surfers :
Come  and improve your surfing skills while saving time and money by letting us take you to the best local surf spots.


Surf school ,7 days Package Includes :
•    7 nights accommodation
•    11 surf lessons / 1 private surf lesson
•    Free board use
•    5 surf trips
•    1 snorkeling trip
•    1 t-shirt
•    1 CD with pictures of you surfing
•    Typical Costa Rican lunch everyday

Take also advantage of our 3 or 5 days packages

Guided Tours / Advanced Surfers, 7 days Package Includes :
•    7 nights accommodation
•    Free board use
•    6 surf trips
•    1 snorkeling trip
•    1 t-shirt
•    1 CD with pictures of you surfing
•    Typical Costa Rican lunch everyday

Take also advantage of our 3 or 5 days packages

Best Period

The destination provides a 180° window towards the Pacific Ocean, perfect to get the whole swell located in the area. A variety of coast and a mountainous region makes it an ideal destination for every kind of surfing, from the beginner to the longboarder, going through the more addicted hardcore surfers: extreme sensations and waves always there all year long since the Caribbean Sea also provides quality waves during the summer.
There are all kind of waves, from the fast beachbreak to the rivers’ waves, through the consistent peaks within a paradise and tropical scenery.
Costa Rica’s Northern region, that gets the S/SW swell from the roaring forties, has a reception angle for the swell, especially favourable.
-       The most consistent season from June to October (1.3m to 3m), when the depressions from New Zealand send their long lines.
-       From November to April, the N/W swell brings a clean swell, smaller (1m to 1.50m) with a nice weather, an offshore wind and less rain.
-       The dry season gets tropical paradise conditions, but many surfers go there and on the unknown spots so the American challenge is sometimes tight !
In the East of the country, in the Golfo de Nicoya, the major season goes from April to October with a solid S/SW swell generating powerful waves going from 1 to 3 meters, thanks to the depressions coming from New Zealand. Surfing everywhere, but the bad thing during the rainy season is that the roads near Mal Pais point are not in good conditions.

From November to April, during the dry season, there are dreamy conditions: weak offshore wind and a small regular swell on every spot.
Many people in the water on the famous spots but less busy than in Guanacaste.

The wind is quite weak. From May to October, there are summer storms. It is better to go in the water in the morning; the sea lap is rising in the afternoon.
During the dry season, the wind is weak and N/NE. Tides reach 4 meters and change a lot the spots’ orientation. Not many tide time-tables available – Bring binoculars to check the spots.
In the water, some jellyfishes and nettle-rashing seaweeds can bother you.
In the North, near the Potrero’s spots, sometimes some sharks, but no registered attacks. Bottoms are different, sand, coral, rocks on which unroll kilometres of waves. Water temperature = 27°C on average.
Not too much wind in general in the Golfo de Nicoya. Some storms during the summer.
Weak NE/NW wind during the beautiful days of the dry season.
Fairly important tides that might affect the rivers’ spots or the beachbreaks. Take a map or a tide time-table in Jaco’s surf shops.
Many black sandy beaches – watch out for feet burns! Some nettle-rashing seaweeds.
Be careful to the violent currents near Playa Hermosa.


Potrero Grande: « Ollies Point », the famous spot of the movie « Endless Summer II ».
In a river’s mouth – near Nicaragua’s border – Impossible to reach by the road. During the wet season, rent a boat in Playa de Coco. No possible lodging in the heart of the National Park. An excellent and perfect right.
Playa Naranjo: the famous « witch rock of Endless Summer II »
An offshore wind in winter – a lost place and not easy to go to – A great hollow and fast beachbreak – Long right
Playa Grande: A beachbreak easily reachable, 20 min North of Tamarindo. During the season, you can meet turtles on the beach and in the line-up.
Tamarindo : Large bay where you find every kind of beachbreak – consistent river’s mouth in Estero, reefbreaks in Pico Pequeno, Diria, Henry’s, working well in NW/W swell.
Langosta: South of Tamarindo. Nice beachbreak for longboarders, a very pretty beach.
Avellana: A fast and tubular beachbreak, called the “little local Hawaii”
Playa Negra: South of Avellana. Transparent water and nice right within a splendid scenery.
Nosara: The wild coast overflow of spots to discover in 4X4 during the dry season.

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 30°C (Summer) / 25°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 27°C (Summer) / 27°C (Winter)

Surf Story

Many American champions have been on its shores, immortalized in Endless Summer II : the witch rock, Tamarindo and its beachbreaks, wild beaches of Guanacaste and many more exotic spots.

A paradise for ecotourism, surftrips looking for all kind of waves on the beaches often deserted, in a Latino atmosphere and a completely safe country.


« Pura Vida! » This fetish expression from Costa Rica best describes this country overflowing of life in every way.
The “Ticos” kindness and their warmness is nothing compared to the huge wealth of nature.

Going to Costa Rica, first is going on a trip to act like Indiana Jones within a true wild paradise! A paradise that have everything at the same time: dreamy beaches and high summits, the thicker forest and moon-like bushes, underwater bottoms worthy the most beautiful fish tanks and huge breathe taking forests, inextricable mangroves and two oceans with impressive waves…
The whole is packed into a tiny territory of barely 51 000 km². But Costa Rica is especially about meeting people, an open-minded population, sensitive and welcoming…A country that have given away its army to first take care of health and education and did not wait for the growth of the lasting development. A place where it is easy to be a happy and pleased traveller-surfer !


Demarcated by Nicaragua in the North and Panama in the South, Costa Rica hugs the Caribbean Sea in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West.
A volcanic chain splits the country, from the Nicaraguan frontier in the Northwest to the Panaman frontier in the Southeast.
A high plateau divides the American cordilleras in the centre, bordered with low coastal lands in the East and in the West.
More of half of the population live in this plain, with a volcanic fertile soil. Mangroves, marshlands and sandy beaches characterize the Caribbean coast, 212 long. More cut and rocky, the Pacific coast spreads out 1 016 km, dotted by gulfs and peninsulas.


For French nationals, a passport valid 6 months after your return home is compulsory, a return plane ticket as well.
No visa for stays of less than a month.
The capital is San Jose.


the official language is Spanish. English is spoken only in major cities.


No vaccine is required to enter Costa Rica. Nevertheless, think about taking a treatment against malaria if you wish to hazard in the jungle.


-7 hours in winter, -8 hours in summer.


Costa Rica is a tropical country and only has two seasons: humid and dry.
The dry season usually lasts from the end of December to mid-April.
The wet season lasts the rest of the year.The Caribbean coast remains humid all year long. Temperatures not change too much. Only in heights, it is different. San Jose is 1 150 m high and this is where what the “Ticos” (cute nickname that the inhabitants give to each others) called the everlasting spring, with 15°C min and 26°C max.
The Caribbean coast is warmer, with an average of 21°C at night and more than 30°C during the day.Temperatures are even higher in the Pacific Coast. In low altitude, the humidity can be suffocating.


For instance: San José/Tamarindo = 295 km/ 5 hours.


Here, there are no hollow promises but a true political will and a life reference. Everything has been settled for more than 15 years now, for a harmonious and lasting development.Ecology in Costa Rica is a position for the whole nation.


Do not drink the tap water and bring along medicine for intestinal problems.Use an American outlet with flat connections because the electric current is 110 V.


The local currency is Colon (CRC) but it is not exportable.
We recommend you to have US dollars in small denominations and change on the way there.Credit cards are not accepted everywhere.

Price from

397€ for 7 nigths

Price includes

Dorms at Oveja Negra Hostel USD 260

Private room at La Oveja Negra Hostel

1 person USD 350
2 persons USD 250
3 persons USD 220
4 persons USD 210
•    3 nights accommodation
•    3 -2hrs surf lessons
•    Free board use
•    1 snorkeling trip
•    1 t-shirt
•    Typical Costa Rican breakfast and  lunch everyday

5 days Package

Dorms at Oveja Negra Hostel USD 460

Private room at La Oveja Negra Hostel 

1 person USD 560
2 persons USD 420
3 persons USD 360
4 persons USD 335
•    5 nights accommodation
•    7 -2hrs surf lessons
•    Free board use
•    1 snorkeling trip
•    1 t-shirt
•    Typical Costa Rican breakfast and  lunch everyday

7 days Package
Dorms at Oveja Negra Hostel USD 600
Private room at La Oveja Negra Hostel 
1 person USD 800
2 persons USD 580
3 persons USD 500
4 persons USD 465
•    7 nights accommodation
•    10 -2hrs surf lessons
• Free board use
• 1 snorkeling trip
• 1 t-shirt
• Typical Costa Rican breakfast and  lunch everyday

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