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A fabulous Surf Cruise on a wooden boat

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SAMA SAMA From 1925€ for 11 nigths

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Welcome to SAMA SAMA

Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Family
  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • On spot
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions
  • Languages : French / English / German

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Family Suite
  • Sea view
  • Full Board
  • Drinks included
  • Services Included : Spots transfers / Airport transfers / Laundry

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : All year
  • Day Guiding
  • Equipment Rental
  • Waves Levels : Classic / Consistant
  • Spots Type : Beach break / Coral / PointBreak / Rock / Sand / Reef break
  • Ability Level : Intermediate / Advanced / Confirmed


Surf stay cruise aboard the sailboat Sama Sama. Book the whole boat for your group of friends and get a discount or join as a solo surfer a small group of others surfers.
Routes to the most beautiful destinations for surfing in Indonesia : Moluccas through Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo National Park, Sumba, Sabu, Rote and Timor in Indonesia.

Sama Sama and his professional crew - a qualified and trained safety
skipper and his 3 experienced sailors - will take you in search of first class waves ! You will discover secret spots as well as beautiful beaches in the heart of pristine nature.

Cruises aboard Sama Sama are only for surfers with advanced or confirmed level - Non-surfers are obviously welcome aboard and enjoy the cruise to explore a beautiful natural environment.
Embark on an experience of harmony with nature and surfing.
Cruise from 8 to 12 days. Min. 3 Max. 8 passengers.

We can organize your domestic flights.

Services Included

  • Spots transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Laundry

Other Services

Boat characteristics :

  • Overall lenght : 20 meters
  • Width : 6 meters
  • Draught : 1.9 meters
  • Tonnage : 30 tonnes
  • Engine : Yanmar 115 cv, 6 cylinders
  • Dinghy : 1 x 3,85 m alu, 40 hp
  • Motor : Yanmar 115 cv, 6 cylinders (2008)
  • Cruising speed : 5 – 8 knots
  • Power supply : Voltage transformer 12 to 220 V, German Schuko-receptacle (Typ F/CEE 7/4), 220 V generator
  • Equipment : GPS, autopilot, radio and satellite telephone
  • Safety : Life raft, lifejackets, first aid kit


Snorkeling and fishing material onboard
SUP-Boards (Paddle)
Longboard rental

Other Activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions


Sama Sama is a beautiful 20 m traditional motor glider, made out of high quality iron-wood and teak. Built in 2000, she is equipped with the latest navigation and safety equipment and all necessary comforts.
One of the double cabins has an additional single bed option – perfect for couples or families – and the other one has large panoramic windows. The third cabin can accommodate 4 persons. You'll be able to enjoy the sea breeze on the sun deck. Those who love to sleep under the starlit sky will be delighted !
Towels and bed sheets are provided.

Meal Plan

In the cozy dining area, guests are pampered with 3 delicious Asian and Western meals per day including homemade bread and freshly caught fish skilfully prepared in the open kitchen.
Drinking water, coffee, tea and snacks included all day long.

Sport Services

Trips aboard Sama Sama are recommended for advanced and experienced surfers – But, of course, non-surfers are also welcome on board to enjoy the cruise and explore the beautiful nature.

How many Surfing days per trip ? : 11 nights = 10 surfing days.
 The overnight cruise to the first surf spot might take up to 14 hours. Boat departure / arrival – All the routes are organized according and depending to the weather and waves conditions, currents and tides.

On board :
SUP-Boards (Paddle)
Surfboard renting (on request)

Itineraries (See rates for dates and availability) :

Bali – Lombok – Sumbawa – Komodo – Flores

 *** Advanced **** Experienced ***** Confirmed
After the discovery of Lombok's highlights, Sama Sama takes you towards the coastline of Sumbawa, home to secret-spots and world famous waves such as the perfect a-frame, Lakey Peak. To end this splendid trip, we anchor off the shores of the Komodo islands to explore the fascinating underwater world and to pay a visit to the famous gigantic prehistoric dragons.

Flores – Komodo – Sumba – Sabu – Rote – Timor

*** Advanced **** Experienced
Giant lizards, untouched reefs, perfect lines, point breaks at dawn, virgin beaches at dusk, natives that have rarely seen a tourist and waves that have hardly touched a surfboard. That's what we're talking about ! A route over the precious Indian Ocean.

Timor – Rote – Sabu – Timor

** Intermediate *** Advanced **** Experienced
Unchartered spots, solitary beaches, stone-age villages and the island of Rote, famous for the most consistent left- hand-waves in this part of the Indian Ocean! Back to the roots.

Ternate – Northern Maluku Islands– Ternate

** Intermediate *** Advanced **** Experienced
In cooperation with the publishers of the world famous Stormrider Guide, the Sama Sama will explore the Pacific visiting the famous Maluku Islands, located at the extreme east of Indonesia.
The surfing potential in this area is enormous and the waves are very consistent between November and March.
This trip guarantees 100 % virgin waves, crystal clear water, beautiful beaches, untouched nature and native culture – Get ready to be a part of it !

Best Period

Thanks to a great orientation in the Indian Ocean, from April to October, the Antartic swells send 1.50 to 4 meters waves, regular ones in Bali’s region, Sunda Islands and Java with a peak in full moon times in July and August.
The rest of the year knows however quality swells, generated by tropical cyclones. The islands of this archipelago own one of the most incredible spot breeding-grounds, some isolated and difficult to reach.
(For Sumatra and the next islands’ region – Go to the Mentawai Islands Surf Zone).

The boat cruise is the most original way to get to several islands and play with winds and tides.
SE and dominating during the dry season (April to October) the winds blow W/NW during the low season from December to February.
The moon phases have a great influence, to check in order to get the most beautiful swells. Ideal between May and September, before and after the 3 days ‘full moon …The Gods will be with you !Two different tides = a small one and a big one every day – from which you need a boat for the right timing. Watch out for the reef at water level – think about wearing boots and maybe a hood too ! Water temperature: 28°C – not many people in the water.
Bring a fixing kit and spare fins. In general, a choice of two surfboards can be useful…

Spots Type

30 km East of its neighbour Bali – But many differences between the two islands.
Bali is the green and Lombok is the arid, wild and rough mountainous soil, with an original fauna and flora.
Northern mountains reach 3500 m and the South has gorgeous bays and beaches.

Lombok’s neighbour. The third island to be visited by the surfari boats in Sunda Islands – Wild and not much visited by tourists, the access by the sea is the best way. A Surf Camp stay is offered in Lakey Peak in the East.

The island is not very famous, despite the video images shot by Occhiluppo on Nihiwatu’s fantastic left (facing the hotel) and is only visited by the unusual Australian ships foaming the neighbour islands of Flores and Timor.
This is a paradise within a luxuriant vegetation and spots that have not been surfed yet. The island is less windy than its neighbours.

Located south of Timor, you can reach this island by ferry or plane. The island has a famous spot named T-Land, a long left situated in Nembrala, with 2 to 4 sections, depending the size of the swell. It’s a multi faces wave, going from easy and fun to crazy barrels when the swell is well oriented to 10 ft. Don’t forget your gun to play with it’s long tubes riding sections at low tide.
Winds are 95% offshore during dry season, sky purely blue, white sand beach like powder and you’ll never forget it’s Indonesian sunsets !


Desert Point : Elected best wave in the world. A left that looks like a drawing made by an artist – Strength, lasting quality and speed are its tools – deep barrels and dreamy sensations in the hollow tubular bottom.
Safari Island : When Desert Point has too much – Reachable by boat behind the foreland.
Mawun : A pretty bay with many peaks – sheltered from the wind, on the cliffs’ feet.
Kuta : Meeting spot on Lombok – Near the exceptional lodgings of the island – Rights and lefts.
Grupuk : A large bay getting a right that can handle 4 meters of swell. You can have a blast on the inside. Sometimes too many people in the water.
Ekas – Sereweh : Spots working during the wet season. Reachable by boat.


Spots are  quite exposed and little shallow. So surfable with little swell. And become muscular when the swell is on.
Pero : Quick hollow left. The reef is never very far beneath your fins.
Tarimbang : Right with many sections. Soft and slow when the swell is small. It is accessible to everyone under 6 feet. And need commitment when getting bigger ...
Nihiwatu : The wave needs a correct level. It is close and easy to reach, breaks on a reef a hundreds meters away from the shore. Cool in high tide, this is a very fast, hollow and tubular wave from the take-off in half-rising tide…before ending up in a channel.

Works well around 1.20/1.50 meters and easily reach 2.50 meters even more between May and September before and after the 3 days full moon. The island does not go through a lot of wind and the waves regularly works.
Good thing is that the coral is quite round on the reef and serious cuts are exceptional.
Bondo Kodi : Splendid rights and lefts. Only works from 1.80 meters and can reach 4.50 m during the season !
Waingapu : North of the island. Great quality right and left in deep waters. Sheltered from the wind.
Sunset Left : Reachable by boat. A solid wave and a challenge…
Wanukaka : A hell of a wave for trained surfers, sheltered from the wind.
Millers Rights : Nice wave for every surfer. In a gorgeous bay. Incredible rainy forest setting.

Yoyo’s : Handsome right and left within a dreamy scenery near the cliffs, called “the Wedge”.
In the middle of the bay, you can find another fun right: The Hook – however, it does not handle very well in heavy swell.
Super Suck : Northeast – In Malok bay – a dangerous left working in heavy SW swell. In low tide, it gives the chills !
Super Reef : A left with many sections. Fast and delicate.
Downtown : On the other side of the bay, facing ScarReef. Nice rights and lefts in high tide.
Lakey Peak : On the western part of Sumbawa. 200 km away from Yoyo’s zone. The wave is off a channel, very solid rights and lefts, tubes as high as the Louvre’s wallpapers. In front of a Surf Camp.Periscopes : Nice and fun rights, Lakey Peak’s neighbours.
Nunga : A solid left wall, but a nice and pleasant wave. Near Lakey Peak. In the same area where you can find Cobblestones in the South.

- ROTE -
Most spots in these islands remain a whisper, only Nembrala is frequented by other surfers. Left long surfable by all sizes and keeps the big swells.
T Land : G Land sister wave ! Located in front of Nembrala beach (Nembro) Freight train is running on !
Homebreak : A funny left situated far over the reef. Can reach 5m if in good mood…
The Boomie : Located in the Nembrala bay this is a shorter and more intense right. It has a fast take-off and brakes on reef ending in a deep water canal.
Peanuts & Bo'a : 2 beautiful lefts ½ hour from Nembrala. Shallow bottom.
N'Dau Island : (access by boat only) Solid right and left peak.
Do'o Island - (access by boat only) Another freight train running at speed of sound until horizon line. Don’t miss this pearl.

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 30°C (Summer) / 28°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 27°C (Summer) / 26°C (Winter)

Surf Story

A « surfing continent ».
From the G Land gaping tube to the boat trips to the Mentawaï islands, from Nias the mythical wave where everything can happen, through Hinakos, the secret archipelago off Sumatra, until Lombok and Desert Point, the most beautiful wave of the world – according to some people – Sumba the princess, Nusa Lembongan Bali’s neighbour, famous way in of the archipelago of the Sunda Islands or Panaitan on the Western side of Java, the diversity is amazing.

Islands conjuring up all the surf trips’ phantasms inhabited in our minds for ever…
You get up one morning and you plan your itinerary (with Destination Surf of course…) for a trip in the middle of the powerful and secret wave’s country.


8th century – Srivijaya’s kingdom, whose strength is based upon the control of an important international trade ruled by the Tamils and the Chinese, appears in Sumatra.
1200 – Accession of Majapahit’s kingdom. Hinduism and Buddhism unite. The Javanese civilization starts to enforce itself. Hayam Wuruk’s reign in the 14th century is often considered as Indonesia’s golden age.
15th-16th century – The Indonesian sovereigns turn themselves towards Islam (brought in the North of Sumatra from the 13th century), which becomes the State religion.
1512 – The Portuguese land in the Maluku Islands. They quickly act upon the warehouses going from the Maluku Islands to Malacca, Macao, Gao, Mozambique and Angola.
1641 – The Dutch, led by the ruthless Jan P. Coen, take over Malacca. After taking the monopoly of the spices trade, they become the seas’ owners of the region.
1824 – Following the grasps of several warehouses of the Dutch East India Company (Java for example) in 1811, the British exchange their Indonesian conquests with the Dutch properties in India and in the Malaysian peninsula.
19th century – The archipelago is split by several rebellions; Islam becomes the symbol of the resistance against the Dutch. The Netherlands, who lost Belgium in 1830, increase the exploitation of the Western Indies’ wealth.
1945 – Sukarno declares the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The Netherlands do no agree with this declaration and the Dutch troops slowly come back in Indonesia, generating many general protests.
1968 – Suharto is « elected » President. Under his regime, Indonesia favours a foreign policy towards the West.
2000 – Impeached, the former President Suharto escapes the court, acknowledged unsuited to appear before a court of justice for health problems.
Inexhaustible reserve of natural resources and mysterious cultures, Indonesia has become a unique world playground for adventures… Millennial traditions of Papuan tribes, active volcanoes, huge jungles, monitor lizards, giant butterflies, unsurfed waves…are waiting for you


Indonesia, amazing region hiding the most beautiful waves of the Indian Ocean is made of (going from West to East) the large island of Sumatra, where is located in the Northwest out at sea Nias Island, the archipelago of Hinakos and Mentawaï Islands.
Then, comes Java, G Land, Bali, and the immense archipelago of Sunda Islands: Nusa Lembongan, very close to Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flored, Timor, Komodo and its giant monitor lizards, Sumba and its astonishing charm.

On the upper part, there is Kalimantan Island (Borneo) whose Northern part belongs to Malaysia. Next to it, Sulawesi Island (Celebes) with its large bays looking like a butterfly from the skyMore in the East, more and more islands, like the famous Maluku Islands and its rare spices…and finally Western New Guinea (Irian Jaya) with its border not really natural: a straight line that splits the island in two with Papua New Guinea.


Formalities :
Compulsory passport valid 6 months after the entry in the country. Visa-on arrival in Indonesia is required for all French nationals (and many other nationalities) since February 1st, 2004.
This visa is valid 30 days and can not be renewable there. Nationals from many countries (among them, France) can easily get a visa-on arrival, however they are limited in some ports of entry.
Visa on-arrival fees are US$10.00 for a stay up to 3 days, and US $25.00 for a stay up to 30 daysJakarta is the national capital of Indonesia.

Language :
The official language is Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia, very close to Malay
Most Indonesians spoke this language. There are also more than 400 local languages and dialects on the islands.

Health :
Indonesia, as a tropical country not well-informed about medicine and health, elementary precautions must be taken to avoid gastric and intestinal troubles.
Be careful of hepatitis, worms and snakes’ bites as well.
The country goes through a resurgence of dengue, disease brought by mosquitoes, like malaria also there in Indonesia.

Time differences :
Indonesia is divided into three time zones :
GMT + 7 (Western Indonesian time): Sumatra, Java, western and central Kalimantan
GMT + 8 (Central Indonesian Time): Bali, Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara), Eastern and Southern Kalimantan and Sulawesi
GMT+ 9 (Eastern Indonesian Time): Irian Jaya and Maluku Islands.

Weather :
Indonesia overthrusts the equator between the Indian Ocean in the West and the Pacific Ocean in the East. Its climate is then humid and warm.
In the most part of the country, the humid season goes from October to April, the dry season from May to September. Nights are often warm, but in highland cities, the temperatures can quickly drop.Usually, the average temperature for the year goes between 22° and 35°C, and the humidity rate can reach 75%. In January-February, the rains are the most abundant.
Same thing in Bali where the coolest months go from May to July (28° on average) as well as in Sumatra.
The only climate difference is in Maluku Islands where the wet season goes between April to July, sometimes even to August.
The best season to visit and surf in Indonesia is from May to October.

Driving conditions : Buses are the main transportation mean in Indonesia : they go from the old “ekonomi” ones connecting the suburban areas (taking passengers, mail, goats, pigs…) to the luxuriant buses, through the express buses (“patas”), night buses (“bis malam”) and “the tchuk tchuk” or “bemo”, little smoky tricycle transportation.
If you wish to take the car, know that the road signs are approximately non existent, that the foreigner will always be responsible in case of any accident and that the police love to pull over cars with boards on top of the roof – Take some tips along…
You drive on the left side, and the signs are rudimentary, even non existent…
Renting a motorcycle is fun but watch out for traps: bumpy roads, crazy drivers, crossing animals and wandering people, incautious children, and poor lighted cars at night.

Water/Electricity :
Almost always 220 V, 50 cycles AC but some places still use 110 VMany hotels do not have wall-plugs and electricity cuts are not unusual in rural zones.Besides, the lights at night are not that great and a flashlight will be helpful.

Currency :
The currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR or Rp).
Bring travellers’ checks if possible, delivered by a well-known bank company and some hundreds of USD bills.
You will easily exchange your currencies (in USD, the most common currency) in the major cities and the tourist regions: think about having enough rupiah if you turn aside from the beaten track.Indonesian banks usually do not charge any commission and the best exchange rates are in Jakarta and Bali.
Credit cards will only be used for important purchases.
Tips are not a common thing to do, except for specific services. In Indonesia, chaffering is frequent.« Bemo » drivers are known for their ability to raise prices for the Western tourists.
However, do not try to reach every time the local rate…you would miss the session !

Price from

1925€ for 11 nigths

Price includes

10 Days /11 nights Surf Cruising

  • Cruise full-board (3 meals/day + snacks and soft drinks)
  • Surfing Spot Guiding (no Surf Coaching)
  • Fishing gear
  • SUP-Boards (Paddle)
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Port Clearances
  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Booking of domestic flights

Rates & Packages

23/05/16 - 01/06/16 175 EUR/Person/Night Charter 3-5 pax:
165 €/day/passenger
Charter 6-8 pax:
1099 €/day
18/08/16 - 29/08/16 175 EUR/Person/Night Charter 3-5 pax:
165 €/day/passenger
Charter 6-8 pax:
1099 €/day

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