Your Pro Business Dashboard

Another way to Surf Travel

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1) List your property online

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2) Connect and communicate with Surf travellers

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3) Make your quote and confirm your fare

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4) Welcome the Surf travellers at your property

An innovative Concept with many advantages for Surf Travellers. Fast browsing, easy access and enlightment of your property and all its criterias.

A CRM tool has been created to access our commercial Back Office, totally dedicated to helping the traveller get in contact with you to plan a 100% custom-made trip.

Don’t waste any more time. All your activity is saved in your Private Dashboard.

Activate your account on our Business Pro website in just a few clicks.

Upon account activation and confirmation by DESTINATION SURF, you will be provided with your user name and password so as to access your private professional Admin space and Dashboard.


Your Business Pro Dashboard

Your Business Pro Dashboard gives you access to an easy to use, fully functional dashboard, adapted for surf traveling and putting you in the pilot seat, thereby giving you full control of your activity.

Your OFFERS : You can provide your product information : Description, Accommodation, Packages, Surf activities, Prices (currency convertor tool integrated), Special Offers, Google Map Location, Photos & videos…
Your product is uploaded immediately.
You can also modify and update information or prices at any time (eg : upload a Special Offer) in real time depending on your marketing preferences.

Your MESSAGING : A messaging system dedicated for usage between you and the client (translation tool integrated), to help plan the client’s surf trip. All interactions are saved for quick reference.

Your QUOTATION REQUESTS & FILES : Your dashboard has a section where all client requests are classified by folder. You save time and no longer have problems searching for a client, his status and your conversation history.

Your BILLS : Processing of bills is managed by DESTINATION SURF in an automated manner.

Your REVIEWS : Travellers may at any time provide a review on your product and recommend it to their community of friends via social networks. These comments, reviews and recommendations are classified in your Dashboard. They give greater visibility to your Product.

Your PROFILE & ACCOUNT settings : You select your Pro Business account preferences. You present yourself and your company. This allows us to be more effective when targeting marketing campaigns in your favour so as to increase your traffic.


Does your Product interest a Surf Traveller ?

A Fast and Easy process !

If the traveller is interested in you Offer, he clicks on your Product page and fills in an online ‘Contact – Reservation’ form. This form is sent directly to your DESTINATION SURF message inbox with an email alert to your email address. Language difficulties ? A translation tool is made available.

You start conversations and send all required information to the traveller (accommodation, transfers, surf activities, rates…) via the Quote form to inquire. This quote will be validated by customer, so you have to fill a new quote at every message (you can easily modify the quote)

A time limit of 48hours is advised (dependant on time difference) so as to ensure efficiency of our concept and your credibility.

You will exchange several times with the Customer via the messaging system in which you will fulfill an automatic quote form to be sended to the Client - The quote is valid for 72 hours and off at the end of this period, if the customer does not confirm the reservation.

If not timely confirmation, the Customer will have to make a new request and you will establish a new quote, based on your availability. On the quote, will be clearly displaying the details of the services, local taxes and any surcharges.

At the outcome of your discussions, when the traveller is ok about your quote and wants to book your product, he validate his purchase and quote become invoice. Payement is made online on the secure and guaranteed payment system of DESTINATION SURF.

You can issue and check your bills and invoices online in your Dashboard. We transfer the money to your account minus our commission, which is dependent on the rate of conditions specified in our sales conditions.

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