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Another way to Surf Travel

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1) List your property online

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2) Connect and communicate with Surf travellers

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3) Make your quote and confirm your fare

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4) Welcome the Surf travellers at your property

An innovative Concept with many advantages for Surf Travellers. Fast browsing, easy access and enlightment of your property and all its criterias.


A Community Space

Take advantage of the lively interactions between our community members on major social networks.

Reveal the quality of your services to our users. Travel recommendations and reviews about your product will add value to your products’ and company’s reputation. Every mentioned vote is shared for all surf travellers to see.

Your visibility is further increased through our ongoing activity on our Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo or Instagram pages.


Far beyond the European Horizon

To allow all surf travel providers and properties owners in Europe and around the world to interact using surf lingo with world surfers, our site is translated in English.

A translation Tool is added to our messaging system to help your conversations.

You will increase your visibility and establish contact with travellers from all around the world.


Take advantage of our traffic and reputation to increase your sales!

DESTINATION SURF offers you dedicated Communication, Marketing and Sales tools.

Promotions’ Area : You may update your products and their positions via special offers, immediate departures, Flash Newsletter… at any time.

Traveller Information and Communication Space : You may regularly update our News and Information section. Participation in our newsletter is also dependent on your distinct peak seasons, Surf traveller typology and your category positioning.

To support your Product we can also manage :

Interactive Space : Associate your property with DESTINATION SURF for co-branded marketing campaigns, games and activities on your pages or on social networks.

Advertising Space : If you own hotels, resorts, villas, surfcamps, apartments or boat charters or if you advertise surf products, contact us to run an advertising campaign on our website.


Ongoing technological investments help develop your company !

DESTINATION SURF aims to survive the internet market race. We are continuously making investments to maintain our SEO levels or social networks activity to provide you with greater guaranteed visibility.

SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimisation) : We are constantly investing and optimizing our keywords and SEO to increase our search engine visibility so as to offer you one of the best placed online shop windows of Surf Travel.

Web Analytics Tools : We exploit our user tracking tools to track product page visits and conversion rates on newsletters, advertising and co branding campaigns, and highly focus on maintaining customer fidelity and purchases.

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