Legal Matters

Another way to Surf Travel

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1) List your property online

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2) Connect and communicate with Surf travellers

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3) Make your quote and confirm your fare

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4) Welcome the Surf travellers at your property

An innovative Concept with many advantages for Surf Travellers. Fast browsing, easy access and enlightment of your property and all its criterias.


Preliminary Information

We run checks prior to confirming your subscription on our Business Pro Platform. So as to maintain the trust and fidelity from our current partners, we reserve the right to refuse accommodation offers, trips or cruises that are not related to surf travel, do not meet minimum standard requirements or involve too many partners on a range of packages.


A Bond of Trust

Confirmation by DESTINATION SURF comes into effect once you confirm and accept our Business Partners Terms and Conditions.

You may then access your Professional space and Dashboard so as to upload your Travel Offers.

It’s up to you to be receptive, commercial and efficient in your discussions with the surf travellers who contact you, to offer the best of your services.


Transparent Process and Contract

Terms and conditions are mentioned in the Prices section on your Offer page.

We provide a printing and bill management tool in our website in your Dashboard, simple and practical to see and manage all your bills and files.

You create your bill online with the amount minus our expected commission from our commission scale. We use a secure and automated solution of bank transfer applicable to several currencies and protocols (Ebits, Swift, Iban…)dedicated for our business partners.

Vouchers and travel documents are administrable and can be shared online with client.

We guarantee that together, we can provide the travellers with a professional service.

DESTINATION SURF is authorised to sell packages on his website, as a legal Travel Agency (License, bond, financial guarantee APS …)

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